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Eagle Pack Donates to Indiana-Area Adoption Center

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Eagle Pack recently donated over 74,000 lbs of natural pet food! The donation was able to help shelters that were in need of food in over 3 states.

“There are no words that could express the gratitude of the rescues and shelters that received this food. We used Facebook to reach rescues in 3 different states who needed help, along with contacts we had at the shelter. We were also aware of the need to help private citizens as our shelter provides food to anyone in need. Too often we have people call wanting to surrender their pets because they cannot afford to feed them.

surrendered pets

We were able to give 24 rescues and 8 shelters food. We also gave 8 pallets to the Northwest Indiana Food Bank.  They provide food to churches in Lake and Porter County to families in need. Thanks to this donation, Eagle Pack will be available to families that have pets. No one should ever have to give up a pet family member because of lack of food.

providing food to shelters

Again a huge thank you and two paws up you and everyone at WellPet for helping those that can’t help themselves.”- Donnajean Doyle of Lake County Sheriff’s Animal Adoption and Control

Wellpet team

Wellpet team with shelter