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Grooming Your Pet

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

EP Cat GroomingGrooming is a necessity regardless of your pet’s coat length. If you start grooming your dog or cat at an early age, it can be a pleasant experience for everyone involved, but it is never too late for good grooming habits.

Many dog grooming salons offer a basic puppy package designed to get your puppy accustomed to the experience, as well as a variety of grooming options for adult dogs. If you choose to groom your dog at home, only use shampoos and conditioners formulated specifically for dogs. During weekly grooming, check the ears for wax and yeast, trim the toe nails and brush the teeth. Running your hands over your dog’s body can be a bonding experience while you check for sores, ticks and other skin issues.

Most cats are clean creatures by nature, and will take care of most of their own grooming needs. However, excessive licking can cause hairballs, which may be regurgitated and cause discomfort to your kitty and messes in your home. Brushing your cat weekly can help to reduce the amount of hair ingested, while also giving you quality time together. Try cleaning his or her ears at the same time!

Your cat’s nail & dental health can be naturally maintained at playtime. A scratching post will help satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to scratch while keeping the claws trimmed at the same time. Chew toys filled with catnip are not only playthings, but also natural toothbrushes that gently scrape tarter from your cat’s teeth and gums.

Your favorite Eagle Pack dry dog and dry cat food also offers skin & coat support from omega fatty acids like flaxseed and Menhaden fish oil.

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