How Will You Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week?

In the immortal words of a 15 year old, “Appreciate your pets. Because they love you and they’re always there for you.” Sounds like sound advice.

Of course, we’re there for them too. For walks and snuggles and even the not-fun stuff like vet visits.

The Humane Society started Pet Appreciation Week to bring attention to shelter pets and help them find their furrever homes. To celebrate, you can take a little extra time with your pets this week to be grateful for them.

Think of all the things your pet does that makes you smile. Maybe it’s effusive tail wagging when you open your eyes in the morning or sitting on your computer and interrupting your Facebook time later in the day.

Dog with bow-wrapped bone looking at the camera with the text: Pet appreciation week

5 Ways You Can Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

  • You know that place your dog loves? Maybe it’s hiking in a State Park or swimming in a local creek. Take him there. Summer’s here and it’s a perfect time to seize the moment.
  • Give all of them good brushing. ‘Tis the season for shedding and there’s no better way to grab that excess before it ends up on your floors and in your furniture and all over your clothes than with a good brushing.
  • Clean out your closets and donate your threadbare towels and linens to a local shelter. They can use them to line pet crates and clean up messes. They’re happy to accept your financial donations too.
  • Give a pet massage. Both cats and dogs can enjoy a little massage. Wait until they’re in a relaxed state and start giving gentle strokes with one hand and then both. Add slight pressure around muscles and see how your pet reacts. If they look relaxed and happy, continue.
  • “Share” pictures of shelter animals looking for their homes on social media. You can go to the shelter yourself and snap a few pictures or look for the ones already circulating the social media sites. The more people who see them, the more likely you’ll help them find their forever homes.


Did you adopt your pet from a shelter? If so, why not send a thank you note with a picture to the shelter? You can even post it on their social media pages. Not only does it make the staff and volunteers feel good, but you might be helping someone else choose their next pet.

You can also volunteer. If your local shelter is holding an event, they may need someone to help distribute collars and leashes or otherwise help guide visitors. All you need to do is ask.

What will you do this Pet Appreciation Week?

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