How You Can Help Your Local Animal Shelter During the Holidays

3,500 animal shelters across the country provide care for lost or unwanted dogs and cats year round. The holidays are a perfect time to recognize your local animal shelter for their hard work.

Yellow dog in front of an empty bowl with the text: simple ways you can help your local animal shelter

Here’s how you can help this holiday season:

1-Donate Your Time – Whether you can volunteer to walk dogs, staff a table at a special event or clean out cages, there are lots of opportunities to help. Most shelters have a volunteer coordinator who matches your interests with their needs. Just give them a call and they’ll put you with the right person.

2—Donate Goods—Pet food, toys, crates, old linens, even paper towels and other cleaning supplies are needed. Those toys that Fluffy never looks at? Those towels with a frayed edge? Pack ‘em up and deliver them to your local animal shelter. Toys can find a new life with different animals and the towels or old blankets can give them something soft to lie on.

3-The Gift of Money –According to The Humane Society, a gift of $100 will vaccinate, feed and house a shelter pet for a week. Any donation amount can help cover costs of medicine, procedures, and other needs.

Check your animal shelter’s website for donation instructions. They may be collecting for a specific animal or simply have a general fund. If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, you can sign up to give a monthly donation.

4—Foster pets—If you have the time and space to foster a dog for even a few weeks, you can free up valuable space at the animal shelter so they can house another pet. Of course, fostering a dog is a big commitment so make sure you’re up for the task.

5—Spread the word – Post furry adoptees on your Facebook page. Partner with a school or community organization to host a pet food drive. There are many ways you can help spread the word and find loving homes for some pets.

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