Big Baby Thor

Big Baby Thor relaxing on the coach with his pet parent (Mary)

Big Baby Thor relaxing on the coach with his pet parent (Mary)

 Mary N.  sent in this photo of her beautiful Great Dane, Thor (his nick name is Big Baby Thor). Mary recently joined our community on Facebook and she was excited to let us know she feeds her Great Dane Eagle Pack! She shared his story as a testament to benefits Eagle Pack Dog Food for large breed dogs.

Mary knows that proper nutrition is so important for large & giant breed dogs such as Great Danes, who need a specialized diet. We’re so happy to hear that Mary found Eagle Pack early and as you can see – Big Baby Thor is thriving on Eagle Pack.

For more info about Large & Giant Breed Health, visit our Large & Giant Breed Resource Guide.

4 Responses to “Big Baby Thor”

  1. rob says:

    that is one big beautiful puppy

  2. Patricia says:

    I just got my first Dane puppy. The others I got as adults and just kept them on the food they were raised on. The puppy i bought has a long story to her but we are looking for a better food for her now and I have people that recommended Eagle Pack. Others have told me they have junk in there ingredients. I was researching when i saw this picture and blog. Makes me feel better I think we are gonna go with Large/Giant puppy Eagle pack.

  3. AnnMarie says:

    We have an English Mastiff that we started on Eagle Pack lg/giant puppy food at 7ks old, his coat is beautiful, he is just the right weight for his height, he never has problems with digestion and is very healthy over all, not one time has he thrown up his food (except of course when he sneaks some of our older dogs senior food, which is not eagle pack but we are thinking about switching to holistic for seniors for our older dog as we have always had digestive problems with him) Our Mastiff is almost 1yr old now and is in perfect health.

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