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From expert breeders to pet owners who embrace a holistic philosophy that extends to their pets, pet parents who feed Eagle Pack have the power to positively impact their pet's health not just today but for the long term too; and now, they share their outstanding results.

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Sabi was found in the trunk of an abandoned car. She was barely alive when we took her in. We fed her Eagle Pack Kitten Formula around the clock, cared, loved and now she is a healthy kitty that loves to play with her other sister and brother. We chose Eagle Pack Multi-Cat Formula Cat Food for our other two cats so we wanted to keep it in the family. Thanks Eagle Pack!

Beth H., Middleton WI

"After doing a ton of research on puppy food, a friend recommended Eagle Pack Large & Giant Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food. I looked into it and was impressed by the reviews I read so we gave it a go. We are so glad we did, the transition was great and Thatcher loves it. I feel good about the food we give him and even better he is happy eating it. A total win-win."

- Caitlin Z., Middletown RI

"To All My Fellow Mushers:

I am Martin Buser, a professional dog musher from Alaska. I have a kennel of about 90 dogs. I compete in the mid and long distance race circuit. My final goal for each season is to compete in the worlds longest sled dog race, the Iditarod. With the help of “Eagle”, I was able to win “the Last Great Race” in '92, '94 and again in 1997 and 2002.*

You know, the two weeks that I feed dogs on the Iditarod are very important to me. However the fifty weeks getting ready for the event are even more crucial, especially when it comes to balanced nutrition! I only race dogs that have been raised on “Eagle” and the results speak for themselves. Besides my four Iditarod championships, my dogs have won numerous other races and currently hold the speed record for the fastest 300 miles ever raced.

One of my sayings is that “the dogs are only as good as their fuel is." Our fuel certainly is made by the great team at Eagle Super Premium Pet Food. Only the best food fuels Champions, Eagle powers me to the head of the pack.

I am not a nutritionist, I am a musher. I let the professionals at Eagle formulate the food, so I can concentrate on training and getting ready for the races. Often I feed the team right out of the bag and I get more miles per bag with Eagle than any other brand.

If it weren’t for “Eagle”, the Iditarod would be a much longer race for me and my dogs.

I recommend “Eagle” to all mushers, this food has proven its worth many times during the long days and nights on the trail."


* Martin won the 2002 Iditarod in record time!

Good Luck and Happy Trails, Martin Buser

“My Flat-Coated Retrievers all eat Eagle Pack and have for years.  Most of them are on the Original Adult, with a couple eating Power Pack for the added calories. I have been feeding my dogs Eagle Pack for nearly 10 years, and my mentor (Evensong Flat-Coated Retrievers), started feeding Eagle to her We love what our dogs get from this foodshiny coats, bright eyes, clean teeth, overall good health.  A friend of ours is a professional handler and she was feeding a different food to the two of our dogs that were in her care.  When they were returned to us, their teeth looked terrible.  A couple of months back on Eagle Pack and they were bright and clean again. Thank you for making such a great dog food! We'll never feed anything else."

Karen Booth, Wabana Flat-Coated Retrievers

"I have been raising giant breed dogs since 1967 and I have always fed top quality premium brands of dog food to my dogs,  always with the thought of how important the food we feed our dogs is in their development and maintaining their general health. Just over a year ago I switched our dogs (Mastiffs) over to Eagle Pack dog food. I had heard good things about this food and was impressed with the formulation and with the Large and Giant Breed Puppy Formula. I have never been so impressed with a dog food.
My last litter of puppies presented a real challenge to Eagle Pack - I bred an unusually large bitch to an exceptionally large male, with several generations of very large dogs behind them, really large even by Mastiff standards. Growing such huge puppies without growth problems - joint deformities and Pano to name just a few that are so common to this giant breed - is a very big challenge. The challenge was met and surpassed beyond anything I could ever have hoped for. We fed our pregnant bitch strictly on Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed Puppy Formula - she gave birth to seven very strong and healthy puppies. We weaned the puppies directly onto the same food.  I kept two puppies back, a dog and a bitch. The male, Greesons Waay Mo Betta, at just ten months old, is almost 200lbs. The bitch puppy, Greesons Ibe Soo Mo Betta, is over 150lbs. They have both grown very smoothly, their toplines have stayed very level (no roach backs from too high a protein level) and their legs are strong and straight. They have not been lame a day in their lives. Their coats are soft and shiny,  and everyone that sees them exclaims "What are you feeding them? They are beautiful!!"  I tell them Eagle Pack - dry food, no supplements at all. Their big treat is water on their food!

I started showing the male in AKC confirmation at eight months -  I normally do not bring puppies out this early as they are usually so gawky and awkward at this age. These puppies have grown so smoothly and their toplines are so level, most unusual for babies that are so giant in size and so young. I have won with him at every show, even taken Best of Breed over specials (other champions) at the tender age of 8-9 months! These puppies just glow with good health - bright eyes and never a problem. Healthy skin and healthy coats,  good strong bones and muscles - thank you Eagle Pack!

I have been feeding the rest of my Mastiff gang - numbering eight adults - the same Eagle Pack dog food. They all have that beautiful glow of health and beautiful shiny coats. I have one older male who has had a major shedding problem all of his life, until now. No shedding anymore...unbelievable."

Linda Greeson, The Mastiff Sweet Spot

"As a breeder and concerned pet owner, I am passionate about the health of my animals. All of my mastiffs are raised and maintained on Eagle Pack products. I feed it to my puppies, champions, retirees, and studs and brood bitches.  I have not seen any incidence of bone or growth related problems, the dogs are in great physical and mental condition, and maintain excellent health."

"We love Eagle Pack!"

Erica Tortorella, Lexington Mastiffs

"I wanted to thank you for a great product. We have two kittens; an American Short hair kitten (IIDA) is a year old, and a Bengal kitten (ODIN) is 14 weeks old. We switched our American Shorthair kitten to Eagle Pack dry kitten food after feeding her (x) for a few months. Immediately she seemed to eat slightly less and her fur started to get an incredible shine. She loves Eagle Pack. I can definitely tell that the condition of her fur and her overall appearance has changed after she started eating Eagle Pack; she has even gained more energy. Our Bengal kitten had been fed (x) dry kitten food, but when he arrived to us about a month ago, he went straight to our other kitten's bowl and started eating Eagle Pack. He has not eaten (x) or any other dry food since then. They both absolutely love Eagle Pack.

My husband's sister has two Siamese cats. One of them had a problem of throwing up his food almost after every meal. Since she switched him to Eagle Pack Adult cat food, he has not thrown up once. Thank you for a great product!”

Päivi D., Palatine, IL

“I want to share my story with you about how your food has assisted my 9 month old English Bull Terrier Pup to be healthier both physically and emotionally. Dude was a perfectly normal English Bull Terrier pup woofing down his food until he was about 5 months old. At that point he began to exude an odor that was unbecoming to say the least, not to mention the side effects of gas that accompanied the all over smell of his body and coat. Most of all he was edgy and voracious over his food when he always had more than enough, on time and served with love. At about the same time he began to exhibit some neurological issues associated with some bull terriers that are very daunting to the owners and are obsessive compulsive in nature - behavior of prancing and pawing uncontrollably. Well I turned to the Web and after tons of searches, a woman suggested I feed my pup organic food and she recommended Eagle Pack. As an old hippie I've been an organic practitioner myself most of my life so this was music to my ears. I purchased a bag of Eagle Pack the following day and within 2 days my little pup boy smelled like a puppy should, gas disappeared and he ate his food calmly and without any anxiety at all. The bonus round is his overall HOD has greatly reduced and I credit it in large part to the food and of course to some degree myself for the love and nurturing I give him to avoid any stress at all. The food is great and I thank you tons; the first dog food I've ever had over a lifetime of dogs that I can change their menu and not cause them serious internal stress. It is just great!”

Midge D., Farmington Hills, MI

"My gorgeous mutts eat Eagle Pack Original dog food.  Jake (9) is an Australian Cattle Dog/Spitz mix.  Tigger (18 – yes, eighteen years old) is about as mutt as you can get.  We know she has whippet in her; the rest could be Jack Russell and/or corgi and/or something else. Tigger kicks some serious ankle (she is only 11 pounds – can’t reach any higher than an ankle).  We went camping in Aspen, CO this week and did a 5 hour hike one day, a 2 hour hike the next, and a 2 hour walk a 3rd day. While I admit she skipped a 3rd hike and was carried for part of the walk, she was jumping over some boulders and fallen trees for the first 2 hikes. We enjoy her, thanks to the help of your product and a few choice morsels of elk."

Sonia B., Fort Collins, CO

“We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for developing a nutritious, healthy dog food for our Labrador Retrievers. We have used Eagle Pack for more than 7 years for our two labs, Murphy and Lily (we usually buy the Natural Formula). Never have our dogs had any health problems. We attribute this to the quality of Eagle Pack dog food. Several friends and relatives also have Labrador Retrievers. Their dogs are constantly plagued with ear problems, digestive issues, etc. I am certain that the type of food one feeds their pet is a factor when it comes to their well-being. Our family thanks you for being the driving force behind our Labs' health.”

Angie and Kyle W., Seymour, Indiana

"We almost lost our dane, Titan to HOD. He was in the final stages with a fever of 106, unable to walk, and no muscles on his body. He refused to eat and even open his mouth. After the vet tried all medication, with slight improvement, we gave Titan tons of TLC, home remedies and found your product through the "Great Dane Lady" website and started him on the Large and Giant Breed Puppy   food right away. He loves the food and is living his life as a healthy pup should. He is now 10 months old, healthy, very active and huge! He is our miracle boy! We would like to thank you for such an amazing product. We are very grateful that Titan is so healthy now, and we feel that a big part of his health has to do with your product."

Danny, Bobbie and Titan, Canoga Park, CA

 “My 8 year-old Ragdoll has had years of digestive problems - constipation, very hard stools alternating with diarrhea, and scooting due to anal gland irritation. Then lately she began vomiting after eating her food that was designed for sensitive stomach. We have taken her to the Vet so many times for all these problems and tried many different brands of prescription food. She has had x-rays and blood tests, anal gland expressions, vitamins, laxatives, etc. The poor animal was miserable and so were her "parents". I was shopping for something new for her to try when I met your company representative. She was so helpful and just knew Eagle Pack would help her. How right she was!! We are on the second bag of inactive with 40% less fat. Her stools are normally formed and once a day. No more straining and scooting. Her appetite is great and she loves her Eagle Pack. I wish I had known about this years ago. At her next Vet visit I am taking the bag with me to show her doctor. I want other animals to benefit from what we have learned. Thanks so much from Birdie Sabo and her grateful parents.”

Margaret S., Munster, IN

"First of all, let me say that I did some research on food for Great Danes and I kept hearing about Eagle Pack. My puppy Lilly had diarrhea all the time and I was looking for a different food that would not make her grow too quickly which can be hard on her joints. Well, I decided to give Eagle Pack a chance, the testimonials were hard to ignore. I found a store here in Nashville that sells it (Nashville Pet Products). They were so friendly and helped me find exactly what I needed. Since Lilly has been on Eagle Pack there have been some great changes. She no longer has diarrhea, and her coat is so soft. Everyone compliments her on how soft she feels. Her teeth are also bright white, no tarter :) She has lots of energy and loves the Eagle Pack. I always recommend it to other dog owners. I also wanted to say thank you for your help. I am a member of the Soldiers Angels organization. Soldiers Angels is an organization where you can "adopt" a soldier and send them letters and care packages. They have a K-9 Angels team, I sent a request and got a dog handlers name. The dogs are used overseas in the war to help detect bombs. They have a radio and the handler gives them directions. The dogs stand by the bombs until they can be disarmed. They do this for praise and squeaky toys. I e-mailed Nashville Pet Products and asked them if they would like to donate anything for the K-9 unit. They are in need of toys, dog shoes, treats, etc. Well, Nashville Pet Products e-mailed me back and said that Eagle Pack is donating a $100 gift card for my adoptive K-9! I checked and made sure it was ok to send food (with the dogs strict diet) and I was told it was fine. I can not say thank you enough!

I am so happy to be able to help these brave dogs and with your help it is so much easier! I never expected such a great gesture! This just reconfirmed what I already knew about Eagle Pack, ya'll are the best! Thanks again, and if I get any feedback from my K-9 unit I will be sure to forward it to your company."

Angela S., Nashville, TN

"I have a one-year-old Bengal Brown Marble female that was on another "Premium" food. She was continuously having a loose/runny stool and I took her to the Vet several times for this. The Vet checked the stool and did many other checks and found nothing that would explain the cause. Bengals are well known to be more sensitive to surroundings changes and since I travel for work and have to leave her at a kennel for extended periods, I felt that this was actually the cause of the problem as opposed to a medical condition. I discussed this with the Vet and he agreed that I should try a different diet that may help. I changed her food two times, going to other "Premium" foods. Neither worked and I was just about to give up. Then I saw your Eagle Pack food for Cats and I was impressed with the ingredients. I gave it a try and within one week her problem was solved! She now has a firm stool and she loves the food. She eats less and has less waste. She is even more energetic than before and anyone that owns a Bengal knows how energetic that can be! Her coat is even softer than before and she is much happier on your food. I want to thank you for a great product that solved my problem and provides great nutrition for my companion.

Alan, Sadler, TX

Last April little Roxie, a 2 1/2 year old Schnauzer, came into our life. Soon after we got her she started to vomit, often early in the morning before she had any food, and she would often have a seizure during that time. She was only able to walk half a block then I would have to carry her home. The Vet did different tests, but she could not find anything wrong with her.  She referred me to the University Veterinary Clinic. Prior to my appointment, I spoke to a breeder and she told me about Eagle Pack brand pet food. The last time Roxie vomited was the day before I started her on the Eagle brand, that was October 2005. She never had to have the test at the University, so I am sending you a big "Thank You" for the quality pet food.”

Christa M., Fridley, MN

“I have a 10 month old chocolate lab, Rolo and 1 1/2 year old domestic medium hair cat, Pooka. When my lab was around 6 months old, he broke out in a terrible rash. At the time, fleas in our area were quite bad and I was told he had an allergy to flea bites. I treated him for fleas and the rash seemed to subside. Then he broke out in a second rash, worse than the first, that did not respond when I treated him for fleas. He was absolutely miserable, it was awful to see him suffering like that. On a local forum, another dog owner was also having the same problem with his dog and was also told it was fleas. After reading through all the suggested issues on the forum by other owners, I researched food allergies and looking back, started piecing together other symptoms. He was scratching all the time, he had the horrible rash, his skin was very sensitive to touch, he wasn't sleeping, he stopped eating, his coat was rough and he seemed anxious, especially at night. After many recommendations and reading your website, I decided to switch both pets to Eagle Pack. I decided on both pets simply because if the dog happened to get into the cat food, I did not want him to react to it. Within days of switching, Rolo's rash subsided and he was eating all his regular meals. Within a week or so, his coat was softer, he was sleeping again, and he was no longer anxious. He's been on the Eagle Pack now for 4 weeks, and I've only just had to buy my second medium sized bag (an incredible value for a dog his size). His skin is still somewhat itchy and dandruffy, but after such mild weather til the middle of January, we've had a very cold, dry past 4 weeks and I believe that it will take a little while longer for that to clear up. On top of the dog's fabulous progress, my cat is also doing great on her new food. For a cat whose fur made her look part raccoon and really fat, for all it's frizziness, Eagle Pack has given her a sleek, soft coat and she now looks the 8 pounds she actually is!! She has not yet gone completely through the smaller sized bag. I'm very pleased with both the health related affects Eagle Pack has had on both of my pets and with the value I've gotten for my money. Thank you Eagle Pack!”

Holly F., Halifax, NS Canada

“Our German Shepherd Mix, Grommit, was 5 years old when one morning he refused to walk. We took him immediately to the vet, who suspected he had somehow hurt his back or was having some other injury-related issue. After initial x-rays on his spine, the Vet noticed something odd about his hips, which were barely visible at the bottom of the x-ray. Another full x-ray of the hips showed he had severe hip dysplasia. Our vet was shocked that he had been walking all these years, saying that normally a dog with his condition would have showed symptoms before he was a year old but certainly have problems walking before he turned 5. The Vet said that if he were even a little overweight he would probably be entirely crippled by now. We were given some doggie pain medicine and told to try Glucosamine Supplements but to expect he will require expensive surgery to reconstruct his hips if he is ever to walk normally.  A friend whose dog did show early signs of a similar condition recommended Eagle Pack. Within a week of changing his food to Eagle Pack, Grommit was running around the yard like a puppy again. It has now been two years and he has not had that surgery and gets around great, chases squirrels and even runs up and down the stairs. We recommend Eagle Pack to everyone we know who has pets. Thanks for helping our little doggie walk again.”

Jennifer W., Crystal Lake, IL

“My cats are living testimonials to the quality of Eagle Pack. They are far healthier in every way to other cats we see. People who visit us comment on their radiant eyes and coats, and beautiful temperaments. They never have any illness and don't seem to be aging at all. William (of Orange) is a 14-year-old Maine Coon. He weighs about 18 pounds. While he is quite lazy, his eyes are still as bright and alert as a kitten. George is a platinum solid Tonkinese. Tonks are known for their mink-like coats, but George's coat far surpasses any other tonk's coat that I have ever seen. He is 7 years old and always busy managing me and the other cats. Luciano, like most white cats with blue eyes, is stone deaf. He is 6 years old. Still very active, he cries to play with his laser pen dot and repeatedly jumps 5 feet up the wall to get it. He plays "tag" with me and tears around the house, jumping on chairs at high velocity and sliding them across the kitchen floor.  He was born to a starving young stray that we rescued off the streets one night. She literally went into labor on my lap as we were driving her home. Still, with your good food she recovered rapidly. Luciano and his twin brother grew up to be enormous. Thank you for making such high quality products.”

Siri A., Mesa, AZ

"My almost 11year old red dobie could be the older sister of the dobe on your web site except Reba lost a leg to bone cancer several months ago. There has been no recurrence of the cancer as yet and she is healthy and happy. She has been on Eagle Pack dry since shortly after we brought her home (from our local pound) 10 yrs ago. She came to us thin, hungry, with a rough dry coat and a very sensitive stomach. Most foods came up as fast as they went down. My daughter-in-law breeds Great Danes and she suggested the Eagle Pack. Reba has eaten it ever since and never had a problem with her digestion. She went from the Eagle Pack Adult to the Reduced Fat (an increasing middle age waistline) to the Senior. After the surgery and a nasty chemotherapy reaction, she went off her food and we started giving her a "quality" brand canned food, but she started developing bladder problems from the increased moisture in the food and we couldn't get enough into her to satisfy her nutritional needs. She is now back on her Eagle Pack dry with the addition of a small can of vet-supplied food to moisten it. She eats everything in her bowl and licks it clean. My vet attributes her bright eyes, glossy coat, excellent physical condition (heart, lungs, liver etc.) and sweet temperament to lots of love, plenty of exercise and a good healthy diet. Thanks, Eagle Pack.”


“I have 2 orange tabbies who are 6 months old. I adopted them at 3 months old and we have been testing out different foods. I switched to Eagle Pack Kitten food and the boys love it. With the other brands, they kept trying to bury their bowls or just dumped the contents on the floor. Eagle Pack Kitten is the right size of kibble, and apparently the right flavor. I've noticed a difference in their coats. Kit's coat is naturally short and coarse but now he's silky smooth. Thanks for a great product. We're looking forward to graduation to adult food in a few months.”

Katherine, Kit and Kaboodle

"I am just so happy that my West Highland White Terrier, Bogey is now out of the woods and doing well. I attribute much of his wellness and new found health to Eagle Pack which I discovered online as I looked for a nutritional plan to bolster his immune system. He had come to me as a rescue only 12 weeks old - stressed and weak. He developed a terrible skin condition, his hair was falling out and literally had mange. He was under doctor's care, and once I added Eagle Pack, he started to make a great recovery. Today he is a healthy Westie, spunky and playful and in love with life. He will be staying on Eagle Pack as he moves soon to adult food. Love you guys!”

Barbara G. and Bogey, Winter Haven, FL

“Your dog foods have been a Godsend for my Malamute George and I. I adopted George from an Animal Shelter in Salt Lake City, Utah in October, 2000. About a year after I got him, George began to suffer from a horrible skin rash/allergy. George was on and off antibiotic for years and I had tried every "premium" dog food on the market. Nothing helped. I even began cooking meals for him. Although the home meals cleared up his skin his coat didn't look healthy. I began researching other brands of dog food and came across Eagle Pack. George, and all my other dogs (we breed Siberian Huskies), have been eating Eagle Pack since November of 2006. Since that time George's rash/allergies have disappeared and all of our dogs are happier and healthier then they have ever been. Their skin and coats are gorgeous and they can't wait to eat their food (before they would go days between eating with full bowls of food). I also wanted to take a minute to thank you for providing an outstanding product and taking every precaution necessary to protect out pets. With all the recalls out there and never knowing what food will be added to the list next I know and feel secure that Eagle Pack will not be one of them. Thank you.”

Melissa C., NE Indiana

"I just wanted to share this because I thought it was funny! We switched our puppy (an 8 month Bichon Frise) yesterday to Eagle Pack and we were told to make the switch easy on her stomach we were to combine it with her old food. Well, both times she has eaten only the Eagle Pack and has left a bowl full of her old food! She knows what she likes, I guess! Thank you.”

Sarah D. and Muffin, New Palestine, IN

"My wife and I decided to try Eagle Pack after reading all of the testimonials online. We were amazed that there was so much talk about gas and loose stools being cleared up by food and food alone. We decided to write in due to the fact that more people need to feed their animals this food. It is overwhelming how good this food has been for our Greyhounds. Their skin and coat has been drastically transformed. They are soft and smooth, in a way they never have been before. The number one amazement: No more loose stools! In one day, the food was able to harden their stools and they feel so much better. More energy and more shine to their coats. Love your product and have recommended it to everyone we know. Our family and friends are all switching this month, because they have seen our animal’s improvement. Thanks for your life-changing product!!"


“I just wanted to write to say how thankful I am that I have found a wonderful dog food that my puppy absolutely loves. I got an English Mastiff puppy about two months ago and he is a fantastic young boy however he was not eating the food given by the breeder. I contacted them and they recommended that I try another brand because they said that it was a very good food to choose to feed and my Vet also said it was good. I ended up trying it for a while and either he would just pick at it or not eat it at all. I was concerned because that was now two different foods that I had tried with no luck. He seemed tired and lethargic most of the time from not eating. Being concerned I made another vet appointment for fear that he was either sick or perhaps something else was wrong. That was not the case, he checked out all ok at the Vet, which was good, but it still brought me back to how do I find something he will eat? I had been doing some research on English Mastiff's and found an English Mastiff online community which is very informative. As it turned out they have a forum with a diet section so I began reading and many of the people on there feed their Mastiff's Eagle Pack and recommended it highly so I decided to give it a try. I found a local pet store that carries it and chose the Large/Giant Breed Puppy formula. The great news is he absolutely loves it. I have now gone through 3 bags and have noticed an incredible difference in his overall health, playfulness, energy and dare I say it, but his poop is just the way it should be.  I just wanted to say thank you for making such a wonderful product that my puppy loves and is also healthy for him. “

Scott K, Camp Hill, PA

“My Saint Bernard puppy was diagnosed with HOD last month at 4 months of age. He was limping pretty bad for a few weeks and at one point was not able to stand up for a few days. After doing much research on HOD, I came across your product mentioned on a few sites that recommended your food for such a condition. I purchased your Large & Giant Breed Puppy Formula for our puppy, and after just 1-1/2 weeks he was no longer limping. He is now (after 3 weeks) not only not limping, but running, his legs look so much better, and his coat is looking much better. He is a truly happy puppy again. I just want to say thank you for your company's support to produce such a healthy product for our puppy and the many other dog owners. I feel so lucky to have found your food and catch the HOD at a early age to correct this condition for our little boy. He is our third Saint Bernard puppy and we were caught off guard by this one. So we feel very lucky. Thank you!”

T.S., Madison, AL

“In May of this year I adopted a 3 year old black lab from the humane society. He was skinny and his coat was matted and greasy. My local pet food supplier Pet Valu suggested putting him on Eagle Pack Natural Formula. Within weeks his coat completely changed becoming shiny and soft and he put on an appropriate amount of weight. People stop me constantly (including the lady who yelled out her car window "I love your dog, he's beautiful") to comment on what a beautiful dog he his and to ask me how I got his coat so soft and shiny. I tell them all, it is because of his food. When asked what food I feed him (and that is almost every time by other dog owners) I tell them about Eagle Pack. Most people who don't currently feed their pets super premium food are unaware of the name and I am more than happy to tell them where to get it. Others are very impressed and I can only assume that they also will make the switch. Thank you Eagle Pack. “

Karyn & Rocky, St. Catharines, ON

Over the years, our formulas have been performance proven with backyard ball catchers, show ring winners and even Alaskan dog sled racers.

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"As a breeder and concerned pet owner, I am passionate about the health of my animals. All of my mastiffs are raised and maintained on Eagle Pack products.”
Erica T., Lexington Mastiffs
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